Tuesday, 3 May 2011

DVDs - What should I keep?

When you realise that you have to move house, if you are me, you take a step back and gaze in ore to see how much stuff you have. Even over 12 months, my collection of books has doubled, I have a huge pile of magazines that I want to keeps, a mass of clothes and big stack* of DVDs.

I had quite a big decision to make as I realised that I would have to pack all of my stuff into the back of a Renault Espace. What should I keep, what should I sell and what should I give to a friend.

For me, the way I worked out what was going to stay and what was going to go, I took the following approaches:
1 - Is this a film that I want to pass on to friends, family and friends children in the future as a 'Must Watch'?
2 - Have I seen it? If not, is it one that I definitely want to see?

As I boxed away my DVD's to get rid of, I had a thought. Even though some of these films are classics or ones that I have never seen. I can always get them again. I could add them to my LoveFilm list or even take a gander through iTunes to see what I can rent.

Anyway, these are the films I decided to keep...What do you think?

My MUST Watches:
Breakfast at Tiffany's - Classic film and one that everyone should see!
Cruel Intentions - Loved this film as a teenager, brilliant soundtrack!
Little Miss Sunshine - A great Sunday afternoon film
American Pie - The original and the best!
Ferris Bueller's Day Off - 80's classic.
Love Actually - One of my favorite rom coms and one to get out a Christmas.
Romeo and Juliet - Just because it is brilliant!
Sex and the City - A fun film and a great chick flick
Batman Begins - Well it was the best 'Re-boot'.
The Dark Knight - Epic performances and better than the first one...
Die Hard: Quadrilogy - you can't got wrong with a bit of Bruce action! Well, maybe just the first 3...
My Best Friends Wedding - I can watch this over and over again! A great hangover film.
Juno - I love this film and has a brilliant soundtrack.
The Holiday - I love Jude Law in this....and it is a good, fun film.
A Single Man - A stunning film in every way and a brilliant adaptation of the book.
Shaun of the Dead - Who wouldn't want to keep this?
Pretty Women - a secret favorite...
Top Gun - 80's classic action film
(500) Days of Summer - An easy watch, lots of fun too and different from most rom-coms
MILK - Everyone has to see this at some point, so brilliant and thought provoking!
The Breakfast Club - 80's teenage film at it's best.
Moon - A masterpiece, one that everyone should see.
UP - I can watch this over and over again...and cry more each time.

Ones that I haven't seen and I should probably hang my head in shame over not seeing...<
Brokeback Mountain

I know they are not up to everyone's standard, but I love them!

Did I make the right decision with these?

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  1. I like the list of the film you keeped! There are quite a few favorites of mine, especially Milk, Little Miss Sunshine, Up, Brokeback, (500) Days of Summer, Nolan Batmant movies, A Single Man and some rom coms. Great decision!